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Kish Rah Abi Recruiting Limited Company

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تهران، جنت آباد جنوبی، پایین تر از میدان چهار باغ، مجتمع تجاری سمرقند، طبقه 4، واحد 406

No. 406, 4th Floor, Samarghand Commercial Complex, South Of Chahar Bagh Sq., Janat Abad Jonubi, Tehran, Iran

Crewing and Manning Agent providing full range of crewing services

Crewing and Manning Agent providing full range of crewing services


As a crewing / manning agent the company recruits, screens and mobilizes the crew to owners and managers of International and coastal vessels as well as the offshore section.

We are the first Marine Recruiting Company in Iran, authorized and licensed by the Port and maritime organization of Iran.



Our Foundations

Founders of the company are well known to the maritime society of Iran by their long time honest serving and support of the seafarers.

The vision to start a crewing agency was based on providing a concrete ground for providing specialist and professionals to the Iranian and the neighboring countries Merchant vessels and offshore platforms and promote the standards of work and safety to reach a world accepted level. Their vision is to combine the employment of Iranian seafarers along with foreign seafarers and improve the working habits in order  to make a contribution to the economy while  meeting the needs of ship owners.  The founders are also in close co. operation with the state agencies and organizations to form policies, regulations and encourage growth and regulate the industry.

Throughout this vision we have adhered to a policy of maintaining the high standards required by our principals.

35 Years of Experience

Thirty five  years of fulfilling crew requirements has equipped us with not only experience and knowledge but also with vast amounts of information gathered from interviewing, training, and handling the documents of seafarers and crew.

The company co-operates with major Iranian shipping companies, in both private and government section , while also  sending trainees and officers abroad . The current fleet that the Company is taking care of is over 130 ocean going and coastal vessels.

The covered fleet  consists of Dry cargo vessels, bulk carriers, container vessels, oil tankers, and high speed passenger ferries as well as offshore platforms and support vessels.

We Guarantee

To supply seafarers to meet  as closely as possible the specific qualifications and crewing requirements of owners / vessels as quick and at reasonable as possible.


Through the monitoring  , controlling and verification of documents , we make sure that the seafarers possess the required training skills and qualifications as stated in their certificates and licenses, and that they meet the STCW'78 convention standards as amended in 1995, as well as the ISM / ISPS code.

As a small but effective company we can rapidly make decisions and be flexible, quick to respond to requests and available to principals at any time.

Thirty five years of providing these services have given us an insight into government departments and agencies, and the experience and contacts to successfully negotiate on behalf of principals. These are our assurances you will be working with a group that is permanent, secure and reliable.

Crewing and Manning Agent providing full range of crewing services

Our Vision

To become a regional leader in specialist recruitment by passionately embracing our philosophy of caring equally for clients, candidates and each other.


Our Mission

The specialist experience of our people and our extensive local and global candidate sourcing channels deliver targeted and responsive solutions to our clients and candidates that consistently exceed expectations.

We work in an environment where we are passionate about our work, we develop as individuals and we share rewards and success. Years of experience in the field is our most supportive evidence for our ongoing growth and prosperity.


Our Values


We build trust by sharing and being open.



We encourage strong relationships by being honest and professional.



We make and manage commitments. We do what we say.



We treat everyone equally.



We display initiative, take responsibility, and are accountable.



We recognize performance and celebrate success.



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از این پس میتوانید با عضو شدن در تلگرام   کیش راه آبی  به اطلاعات بروز شده این شرکت دسترسی داشته باشید


شرکت کيش راه آبی افتخار دارد تا به عنوان تنها شرکت ثبت شده تامين نيروی دريانوردی در ايران، سرويسهای خود را در اختيار ناوگانهای بزرگ کشتيرانی اقيانوس پيما قرار دهد.

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